Why am I not receiving notifications?

First of all, check your profile settings:

  1. Did you check "receive notifications by email"? Go to "Profile & Settings" > "Account". Check the box before "Receive email notifications" (see figure 1) and click "Safe account settings". 
  2. Did you enter your date of birth? Go to "Profile & Settings" > "Profile". Enter your date of birth as dd-mm-yyyy (see figure 2) and click "Save".
  3. Did you answer the questions in your profile? Go to "Profile & Settings" > "Profile". Answer the questions (see figure 3) and press "Save".
  4. Did you connect your PayPal account? If you need help, you can find the instructions here: How do I connect a PayPal account?

Fairlingo decides which translators receive a notification for an assignment. For some language pairs there are many translators active on our platform in relation to the number of assignments.

If there are a lot of good translators registered at Fairlingo for your language combination, it can take a while before you receive a notification. In this case it may also happen that new translators never a receive a notification.




Figure 1: Make sure you checked "Receive notifications by e-mail"



Figure 2: Enter your date of birth



Figure 3: Answer the questions


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