How does the level system work?

Levels and translation skills 

Translator levels
Level novice: 0 up to 5000 points
Level experienced: 5001 up to 50.000 points
Level expert: > 50.001 points

Starting level for novice and professional translators
You normally start at the novice level. If you are a professional translator you can start at the experienced level. If you start at the experienced level you do not have to complete test translations.

Accepting translations from a lower level
Once you reach the next level, you can still accept translations that fall under the previous level.

Gaining points

You gain points for the following:
Accepting a translation assignment: +50 points
For every translated word: +1 point
For every 3 revised words: +1 point

The following will result in points being deducted from your total:
Missing a deadline: - 1500 points
Bad rating from a revisor: -1500 points


The quality rating and test translations

This applies to (new) translators without an existing rating only.
As a translator, you need to have a rating of at least 6 out of 10 to be able to receive paid assignments. If your average rating is an 8 or above, you will get more assignments, and you will get them more quickly. If your average rating is an 6 or lower your account will be suspended. New translators get test translations (if available) to build up their rating.

We use ten-point scale (1 to 10) for assessing a translation
1-3: The translation is so bad that it’s completely unusable.
3-5: The translation contains far too many errors to correct in a reasonable amount of time.
6-8: The translation is ready to be sent to the client after some revision.
8-10: The translation had only a few minor issues (if any).

Test translations

As a new translator at the novice level, you need to build up your rating to at least a 6 out of 10. You can do so by taking on test translations. These are not paid assignments. You need to have translated at least 2,000 words in order to activate your rating. After that, you are able to receive paid assignments. Once you’ve translated more than 2,000 words you are free to take on more test translations to further improve your rating, but you don’t have to. If your rating is lower than a 6, you can still do test translations to get it back up again. We occasionally have paid translations for new translators if our proven translators are not available.

Your rating is determined based on the factors below:

  • The number of mistakes you make in your translations
  • How well and how honestly you assess and rate other translators if you revise their work
  • The ratings you receive from the revisor and from clients 

Your quality rating is displayed on your dashboard (figure 2).

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Figure 1

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Figure 2

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