How can I accept a (test) translation or (test) revision job?

1: Create an account, or log in if you already have one
2: Click on "Find orders" in your account (figure 1)
3: Click on "view details" to make sure you can handle the order (figure 2)
4: You will see whether it's a translation, revision, post-editing or test assignment (figure 3,4,5, 6)
5: Click on "Accept order" or "Revise order" to accept the assignment 
6: The assignment is displayed on your Dashboard, and you can start working on the assignment
7: If the translation has been accepted by another translator, the assignment will be shown under "find orders" with the label "Already taken" for 24 hours (figure 7)

Before accepting a translation or revision job

Read or skim the text before you accept the job. Make sure the assignment is something you’re confident you can do well. There may be large passages that are far outside of your area of expertise.

Test translations

As a new translator, you need to build up your rating to at least a 6 out of 10. You can do so by taking on test translations. These are not paid assignments. You need to have translated at least 2,000 words in order to activate your rating. After that, you are able to receive paid assignments. Once you’ve translated more than 2,000 words you are free to take on more test translations to further improve your rating, but you don’t have to. If your rating is lower than a 6, you can still do test translations to get it back up again.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Schermafbeelding_2017-07-11_om_13.34.41.pngFigure 3 (test translation)

Schermafbeelding_2017-07-11_om_13.59.05.pngFigure 4 (Paid translation)

Schermafbeelding_2017-07-11_om_14.01.36.pngFigure 5 (Paid revision job)


figure 6 (icon for post-editing correction orders, furthermore it's the same as correction orders)

 Schermafbeelding_2017-07-13_om_15.41.32.pngFigure 7

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