What kind of assignment can I do in Fairlingo?

As a translator, you can work on two types of assignments.

Translation assignments
You translate a text from one language into another, and you are paid per word.

  • The translation must be completed before the deadline
  • You take into account any comments/feedback from the client
  • Other translators will proofread your text. If they find any mistakes, a small amount will be deducted from your pay for each mistranslated word
  • After the assignment has been completed, you can be paid immediately via PayPal

Revision assignments
You check translations and fix any errors you find. You are paid per word.

  • You check other translators' work
  • You are paid for every mistake you find
  • Marking things as incorrect on purpose won't work, because our algorithm is designed to counter abuse
  • After you are done revising the text, you can be paid immediately via PayPal

Test translations

As a new translator, you need to build up your rating to at least a 6 out of 10. You can do so by taking on test translations. These are not paid assignments. You need to have translated at least 2,000 words in order to activate your rating. After that, you are able to receive paid assignments. Once you’ve translated more than 2,000 words you are free to take on more test translations to further improve your rating, but you don’t have to. If your rating is lower than a 6, you can still do test translations to get it back up again.

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