In general, how does Fairlingo work for translators and revisors?

1: A translation assignment is sent to the translators that are suitable for the level and languages chosen.
2: The first translator to accept the assignment gets to work on the translation
3:The first revisor to accept the assignment improves the translation (revision), after which it is sent to the client.
4: The translators are paid per word that they translate. A small amount is deducted from the translator's pay for each mistake
5: The revisors are paid per word that they revised.
6: Our algorithm safeguards the translation's quality. If a translator is making too many mistakes, another translator will take over.
7: As a translator, you can choose to be paid via PayPal immediately after finishing the assignment.

You receive points for every good translation. Once you accumulate enough points, you will go up a level. Going up a level means you can work on more difficult texts and earn more money per word.



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