What are the earnings?

Earnings per word

For every translated word
Assignment level novice: € 0.03
Assignment level experienced: € 0.06
Assignment level expert € 0.08 

For every revised word
Assignment level novice: € 0.005
Assignment level experienced: € 0.006
Assignment level expert: € 0.007

When you've reached a higher level, you can still accept translations/revisions of a lower level. Please note that in these cases the corresponding lower level rate applies, regardless of your personal level.


Test translations
These are not paid assignments. Read more.

Reporting a bad translation and giving feedback as a revisor 
All levels: € 2.50
Note: This is only applicable when no text has been revised by the current revisor

A small amount will be deducted from your pay for the following errors:
For every spelling/grammatical error found in your paid translation: deduction of € 0.10
Test translations are excluded. 




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